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Lane 1188 Changning Rd,
Shanghai, China

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Headquartered in Shanghai and with operations in Melbourne Australia, Sino Trade Winds (STW) is an Australian-owned company that assists clients worldwide to develop, certify, procure and manufacture products in China. STW provides tailored solutions to a wide range of companies across multiple industries, ensuring that products manufactured in China are of the highest quality, meet client requirements, are cost-effective, and are supplied and delivered on time.

STW has an in-depth understanding of the risks and challenges involved in developing and manufacturing products in China. Integral to STW's success is our experienced expatriate team of professionals whose range of skills and expertise in supply chain management, product certification procedures, logistics and product design and development, enable you to find the right partners and solutions whatever the product you are looking to manufacture. STW's specialist knowledge and experience, Chinese language skills and understanding of the culture, give our clients a vital edge when doing business in China.

STW has successfully completed a large number of projects, developed quality products, completed product certifications, and negotiated supply chain solutions for many clients worldwide including companies in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

STW is an environmentally conscious company, and is committed to managing and reducing the impact that our business operations make on the environment. One of the ways we do this is by supporting organisations such as Carbon Neutral.

Carbon Neutral